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Devoted and dedicated
to the jewelry industry

PIRO’s goal is the full automation of jewelry management, giving
the best solution for jewelry businesses that allows growth
by combining functionality, ease of use, and flexibility.

Create accurate price quotes
in an instant

Create market-driven price quotes - PIRO will adjust the metal and service
prices based on market prices and customer pricing profiles.
Once approved, turn the price quote into a
Job Order with a click of a button.

PIRO is using
daily market prices

Metal and diamond prices are calculated using relevant market prices.
PIRO updates the value of your inventory as needed to make sure
your prices are in sync with the markets.

PIRO is fully integrated
with QuickBooks

With the introduction of our QuickPIRO Bridge, all inventory and
customer-related data, including the invoices, are automatically
entered in real-time into QuickBooks.

Give your customers real-time
access to their orders

Using the PIRO Customer Portal, your customers can view the status of
sales, job orders and order history, download & view past invoices
and payments, as well as place custom orders.
All online and in real time.

PIRO tracks your orders
visually and instantly

Move jobs using a barcodes – just scan an order and it will be automatically
moved to the next step in the process. View job instructions and track
progress and whereabouts in real time.

Quick overview of your
efficiency and productivity

You can get a quick overview of your shop's productivity
and identify issues that need to be addressed
in order to increase your profits.

feature highlights

Transparent Workspace

Job orders are displayed in a clean, visual manner that allows effortless understanding of the presented information and fast, intuitive interaction with the user.

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Inventory Management

PIRO keeps an exact inventory of all items and materials used in daily production and uses market prices (from metal markets and RapNet) to calculate your inventory's present value in real time.

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Since PIRO has all the information needed to calculate your inventory needs, it can order items just when you need them, thereby providing for a lean, “just-in-time” inventory-driven manufacturing process.

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Jewelry Production

The jewelry manufacturing process can be complex with many steps and materials needing to be tracked in real time.

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If you are doing casting, the casting module can be of tremendous help as it allows for detailed tracking of casting trees, metals mixed, metal amounts used, as well as metal losses during the casting process.

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Customer Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a central part of every business. PIRO provides all the CRM functions necessary to seamlessly integrate your customers information with your real-time production processes.

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Sales Tools

PIRO can create accurate, up-to-date price quotes, track them and automatically convert them into manufacturing job orders; it can also track you customer’s preferences to allow you the best possible service and upsell opportunities.

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By the time a job order reaches its last step, PIRO has all the information necessary to create an invoice.

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Intelligent Reporting

In the world of business management, accurate and timely reports can mean the difference between knowing what is going on in the business and acting on issues quickly and closing your doors.

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PIRO's security module allows you to fine-tune access to sensitive data. You can set access levels to individual pages, forms and data fields, as well as reports for user groups or individual users.

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Customization Features

The main strength of PIRO is that it can be easily configured to fit your established production process, no matter whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer or a mix inbetween.

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The dashboard gives you a quick, top-level overview of the health of your operation.

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QuickBooks Bridge

The QuickBooks Bridge enables direct data import and real-time data transfer between PIRO and QuickBooks, so that mapped entities (customers, inventory, invoices, memos) will be kept in sync.

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Customer Portal

The PIRO Customer Portal allows your customers to log in, submit price quotes, place catalogue orders, view order statuses and estimated delivery dates, pay online and more.

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PIRO Fusion

PIRO Fusion provides all the core functionality that PIRO does, but on an easy-to-use, touchscreen-optimized, responsive interface that works on virtually all modern browser-enabled devices, including tablets (Apple and Android), phones, and Macs and PCs.

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Latest news

We will be present at the MJSA Expo, meet us at booth #259!

We will be present at the MJSA Expo, meet us at booth #259!

We're excited to meet you again at the MJSA Expo in New York City (Javits Center) from 13th to 15th March, 2016.
In case you missed our very first webinar…

In case you missed our very first webinar…

This week we held our very first webinar about jewelry manufacturing automation. Missed it? Click for details.


In short, PIRO has helped us to present a more professional service to our clients by eliminating errors and providing clear and concise information about their jobs and their progress through the system.  
Critically, PIRO has also saved us money by vastly reducing overhead labour costs and errors. 
We simply love this program and could not manage without it!!!
PIRO has helped us manage our business more efficiently, reduce the number of production errors dramatically, keep better track of company and customer inventory, and improve our production process by alerting us of bottlenecks and signaling where we were losing significant amounts of time and money.